Ragam-Mohanam-Akkarai Subbalakshmi

Kum. Akkarai Subbalakshmi – Violin.

Ragam : Mohanam.

3 Responses to “Ragam-Mohanam-Akkarai Subbalakshmi”

  1. VASUDEVAN says:

    Well done. Mohnam is a very good ragam and I enjoyed it. Thanks

  2. The Carnatic Music fraternity very well see Akkarai Subbalakshmi as tomorrow’s A.Kanyakumari. Akkarai’s cheerfulness and commitment to music is alarming.

  3. sanmathi says:

    There is no similarity between akka rai subbalakshmi and kanyakumari at all.
    Both their styles are totally different. Me being a violinist knows the way of playing of subbalakshmi and any body else.
    There are no wrods ro express akkarai’s playing

    SHE IS SIMPLY AWESOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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