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We are thinking of hosting audios of concerts as well. Please let us know(by commenting) if it would interest you.

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Shadjam Admin.

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  1. Aram says:

    Yes, it would be nice to listen to audios of concerts.

  2. Gyan says:

    Yes, it will be nice to listen to audio of concerts. It will be also nice if one could have an album which contains a few number of concerts, as then one will not have to play the another music just after a few minutes of listening one.

  3. Muthu says:

    Is it legal?

  4. admin says:

    These are not rips of commercially released CDs makka.. These are recorded during the live performances.

    Carnatic or Hindustani music are very different from western music makka.
    MJ or Elvis or whom so ever, might have composed songs and perform the same songs in all the stages exactly the same way as they are in the CDs. But in carnatic music, ragam, niraval and swaram renderings for carnatic musicians are different every time makka. Same ragam will not be the same when they present it next time. They are instantenous. Instant imaginations and calculations. With different beats(thalams) they do complex mathematical calculations on the spot during the swaram rendering. Thats why they don’t worry if you record it as long as you don’t sell it.

    The listeners also know that eventhough they listen to the same ragam 100 times, listenning to a ragam ‘Live’, will be a new experience and they still go to the concerts.

    Some of the MP3s I have, were recorded from live concerts when performed even before I was born makka. They are still precious for carnatic or hindustani music lovers.

    Simple makka. Even though you worship god in a photo at the pooja room, going to a temple is different experience isn’t it? Its the same feeling.. What I’m trying to do to build a pooja room, a big pooja room. But still going to the live concert and living the moment is different.. Thats like going to a temple..
    Building a pooja room.. is it illegal?? :)
    Cheers Makka.

  5. Srinivasan says:

    It would be nice to host Hinustani music too. Especially when it is posted side by side with the equivalent Carnatic Raga. People would get to know the difference in the style of rendering.

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